If you’re looking to purchase a property in Malta, it’s feasible to also start a business in the country. Malta is a country rich with oil and minerals. Limestone is a primary export product of the country. Existing industries in the country include tourism, tobacco, aviation, financial and information technology services. Here are a few things you need to know if you want to open good business in Malta.

1. Tourism
Malta is a Mediterranean country and is a great tourist spot for both western and eastern tourists. Malta’s tourism is quite in its prime and taking advantage of this height is important. Look for market gaps in their tourism. For example, if you see somebody selling memorabilia, you could also sell certain kinds of memorabilia, but remember that it must be unique and must fulfil a certain gap.

2. Trade Competition
Know your competition before you enter certain industries. For example, if you’re entering the cotton and tobacco industry, there are at least three or four factories already doing the same thing. You’ll need to look for cotton and tobacco farmers and it will be difficult if they are already taken. Rental properties for tourists are great ways; but you’ll need to get approved for residential property in Malta first.

3. Know the Public Offices for Trade and Commerce
You must consider securing your trademarks such as your company name, logo and colour scheme, your patents and copyrights. Look for the Commerce Department of Malta. You could choose to register your company on your own, or you could hire a company that could incorporate your company into the system quickly for a fee.