The payment protection insurance fraud committed by virtually every UK bank in existence is not only the biggest financial fraud in history. It directly affects the bloodline of the UK economy. With over £25 billion in estimated compensation for the entire United Kingdom, the economy could actually improve if the entire package is finally addressed to the country.

Over £15 billion had been paid out to about 380,000 customers mis sold the nefarious insurance policy. However, the Financial Ombudsman Service states that the numbers are still growing with them receiving at least 2000 PPI claims daily. The FOS estimates that banks need to redress at least 4 million more PPI claims, which means that the end of the PPI fiasco is still far in sight.

However, in 1997, the windfall gains of customers because of the de-mutualisation of building societies might happen similarly once all mis sold PPI is paid back. The de-mutualisation allowed Halifax to become a PLC in 1997 and allowed some 7.5 million customers to receive at least £1500 worth of shares. This strongly improved the economy with more car registrations and improved customer confidence.

Experts are seeing a decrease in car registrations in today’s economy, but from 2011, car registrations increased by 9.3% in 2012. However, the same might not happen as most people may use their PPI reclaim funds to repay their loans, mortgages and credit cards, which might slowly increase the economy, but not as well as 1997’s economic achievement.

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Now, you might have fulfilled your residency and property ownership rights requirements in Malta, and you’ve chosen rental properties as your business. As a landlord, you’re bound to fulfil certain responsibilities you have to your tenants namely the following.

1. House Keys
As the owner of the property, you have a master key to the house, but your tenants also need to have their own house keys. If you want them to treat the property as their primary home in Malta, you will need to provide them a set of keys.

2. Disruption
As a landlord having master keys, you are not allowed to disrupt you tenants. Authorities will also count it as a violation if you enter your property rented by a tenant without their permission even if you are using your master key.

3. Repairs and Renovations
As the landlord, only you have the right to repair and renovate the different parts of your home. If your tenant complains about your property’s water systems, HVAC or gas lines, you must address this as soon as possible. All renovations, including modifying the property, even just changing the paint is your sole right, not your tenants’.

4. Monthly Charge
It is also your responsibility as landlord to collect your dues per month by informing your tenants. You have the right to evict them from the house if they do not provide what is due.

5. Safety
As the landlord of your properties, you must ensure that your tenants are in no immediate danger in living in your properties. This includes at least the 500m area around the house is completely safe.