Malta is a tropical country rich with beaches, sights and excursions for tourists and if you’re planning for a great summer vacation getaway, you’ll find it in this country. If it is your first time traveling to the country, here are a few things to help you get started.

1. Boat Trips
Malta features island trips by boat. If you’re looking to see the tropical beauty of its famous islands, notably Comino Island, you could go by the local boat trips offered by companies or even individuals. If you’re staying in popular tourist spots, you could ask the local authorities to help you find a suitable boat trip company.

2. Maltese Bus
The Maltese Bus is the common local transportation used by its many citizens. As a tourist, you could get by to almost everywhere from one town, to a village and to a city. The fare rates are quite low, definitely good news for those travelling on a budget.

3. Village Fiestas
The best way to enjoy Malta is to time it right that a village’s fiesta is happening. This is where you could see the true culture of the Maltese. As a religious country, most villages celebrate a particular Saint’s birthday complete with marching bands, fireworks and a festive mood in every Maltese in the area.

4. Jeep Tours
If you don’t like going on buses, you could go for Malta’s Jeep Tours, which offer extensive routes to specific vacation spots and sights.

Malta’s government refused to accept the 102 migrants who were rescued from a dinghy and left Italy to take in the migrants. Despite EU pressure, Malta’s refusal raised questions of morality and human rights from different organisations.

The survivors escaped from a Salamis oil tanker that was 80 km off the Libyan coast. Malta said that the Salamis tanker was heading for Syracuse in Italy. Malta said that the Italian authorities welcomed the Migrants aboard Salamis and diplomatic contracts between Malta, Italy and Greece were perfectly followed.

However, Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat became controversial with his approach to the Salamis incident. Muscat formally announced that the government considered expelling the migrants to avoid EU pressure and “send a message” that Malta is a country with its own sovereignty and capability to make its own decisions.

The EU Affairs Commission said that it was Malta’s “humanitarian duty” in such a situation and their delay had almost breached international law. However, Muscat said that the country fulfilled its international obligations and said in a statement that it will not “intervene for irresponsible boat owners who break laws for their commercial activities”.

The Salamis tanker was heading to Malta with a shipment of oil. Most of the tankers coming from Africa and Libya are vessels operated by traffickers to get to Europe.