Payment protection insurance is a general term for an insurance that repays loans, mortgages and credit cards when the customer suffers injuries or is unable to work. Being a general term, it can also be named differently, but still function similar to a PPI policy. Here are the different kinds of PPI that exist, and may continue to be sold in the United Kingdom, today.

1. Credit Life Insurance
Credit life insurance is what usually comes with credit cards and loans that provide financing repayment in case of customers having health and unemployment problems. This type of insurance is a variant of PPI, and it costs more than the average single premium PPI policy.

2. Credit Disability Insurance
Credit disability insurance, also mis sold alongside credit cards and loans, covers your repayments in the event you become unemployed. It does not cover your repayments when you get sick or you face an accident. This is a single premium PPI policy and can commonly be mis sold by insurance brokers and banks.

3. Credit Accident Insurance
This is sold alongside loans, credit cards and mortgages and is also a single premium PPI that pays only for your financing if you get into an accident. The insurance policy does not cover being unable to pay due to unemployment .


Whiplash claiming might be difficult today because of the plans of the government to control the number of fraudulent and exaggerated whiplash injury cases. The insurance industry had been losing £2 billion a year due to fraudulent cases and because whiplash claims are expensive to contest and have no physical medical evidence that appears instantly. Here are a few things you should consider in making your whiplash claim successful today.

1.Smartbox Technology

Improving your in-car monitoring is important to ensure that you can gain whiplash compensation from a possible whiplash injury during a car accident. The “smartbox” technology designed to measure the speed of the vehicle, detect damages to the car and a video showing the accident when it happened and after it happened can serve as viable evidence for whiplash claims.

2. New Claims Standards

The UK government is rumored to adopt the German standards for whiplash injuries and car accidents. When making a whiplash claim, consider if your speed is above 10km/h. You will also need a police report filed within 24 hours and have a medical check up by two medical professionals to see if your claim is valid.

3. Small Claims Courts

The government also plans on placing whiplash injury claims to be processed by the small claims court. This means that ignorable to minor whiplash injuries, usually injuries that effect nausea and disorientation without any life-threatening effects, may receive smaller compensation as decided by the small claims court.

4. Legal Challenges

Claimants will need to assume that the lowered costs in investigating whiplash claim cases will allow the insurance industry to inquire about questionable claims. Avoid making fraudulent or exaggerated claims. Always present evidences that support your claim, specifically your medical reports and “smartbox” evidences to ensure the success of your whiplash compensation claim.

DIY accident

It is an oft repeated fact that home accidents – those that occur in the confines of one’s home – are among the most commonly seen and reported accidents in a given time. When this statistic is looked at more closely the reasons become clear; we spend a great deal of our time in our homes and we deal with a lot of appliances and instances that are potentially home accidents waiting to happen.

A simple case of a wet floor can lead to quite damaging accidents, but in many cases home accidents occur as a result of faulty appliances or goods that have been supplied in incorrectly operating fashion by manufacturers or installers. In these cases the home accidents occur as a direct result of the negligence of others and it is common for victims of such to make a claim for adequate compensation.

It should be remembered that claiming compensation for an accident or injury that is the result of others is your basic right, and while in many cases the monetary compensation does not make up for the extent of the injury it does go some way to ensuring that the victim sees justice is done. Furthermore, investigations that accompany claims into home accidents often bring forward improvements that can be made to ensure that the faulty appliance design feature is rectified in order that nobody else is troubled by the problem.

As we have said home accidents make up a great deal of the number of accidents that occur across a year and this will always be the case; however, avoiding home accidents can be helped by paying attention to basic common sense and indulging in a regular review of your homes health and safety situation.

All homes contain many hazards and again, this will always be the case; however, it is the duty of the homeowner to make sure that he or she is not being negligent where others are concerned and allowing for possible accidents to occur that could have been prevented otherwise. Home accidents are usually avoidable and very rarely occur in the same way a second time.