Analysts said that Malta’s nationwide power outage could prove costly to its economy as restaurants, entertainment venues and other amenities and facilities in Malta had lost great revenue during the great blackout of the year.

For many households, it was a matter of thawed out and spoiled food and shorted appliances and other electronic items.

Despite efforts by restaurants to make best of the situation by endorsing their services for a candle lit dinner, many consumers and tourists decided to wait it out by the sea with its cooler breeze. As summer hits Malta, air-conditioning units increase the power usage of households, which should overload the system. But this is not the case.

According to the local news, faulty cable had shorted a large circuit in the grid of Malta, which blew up the Marsa Distribution Centre, which then caused a chain reaction to other power generators. As power went down and was re-routed to other centres, it became clear to the government that Malta’s electricity production outlets were not diversified enough.

Analysts conclude that Malta crucially needs the interconnector link between Malta and Sicily to handle the overload carefully.

Despite the blackout, Maltese authorities ensure the public that the construction of their newest power plant is still on track.