I have been investing in properties for so long, and I’ve heard some of my friends talk about certain properties and which ones will definitely bring good profit. These are some of the tips I’ve heard that may put you at high risk. At one point, I followed tip #3 and almost ended up losing a great amount of what I have.

1. Buying Residential Rental Properties
Properties that allow you to let may not be the best investment for you after all. While owning a condominium unit for rent or even a house or home can get you enough personal profits, you would have to deal with tax deductions and poor growth records. This is true for all residential rental properties, including buying shares or the entire hotel or apartment itself.

2. Investing in the United States
Britain has its own problems with the inflating value of properties in London, and yet many investors look to the United States as a good property investment market. If this is true, then the reason is unclear why many US citizens are not purchasing properties in their backyard. Be careful, you may be buying not its worth.

3. High Yields
One time, a friend of mine talked me into buying into properties with high yields. I was tempted because it did promise a great amount of cash flow. But as young as I was, I did not identify the main drivers of growth the properties had. Sure, the cash was good, but today, those properties are gathering dust and not building their growth worth, which makes it troublesome for me.