Credit unions are the first stop of any customer who finds their credit scores inadequate to get banks to finance them. However, credit unions only have limited funding, which is why they can only choose select customers they can finance. If you want to get an affordable financing from a credit union, take note of the following.

1. Credit Scores

You might have a low credit score, but most credit unions will not consider your credit score. Instead, they base it on your financial capability, employment stability and current financial capability. You will be asked for an interview with one representative.

2. Common Ground

As credit unions have smaller vaults than banks, they select customers who share a “common ground” with them in terms of profession, race, nationality, ethnicity or industry. Try to find your own common ground first before heading to apply for a mortgage or any financing with a credit union.

3. Limits

Credit unions can only provide you a certain amount when it comes to home, car or any type of financing. It might not promise that it can pay for your item in full, but it can certainly promise you lower interest rates and flexible repayment options. You even have the option to pay for your refinancing with a small top-up amount with your regular repayments.