Looking to raise your home equity? You’re reading the right article! Home improvement is actually important before you sell your house or use it as collateral for your financing. Here are some good areas to start improving your home.

1. Waterworks

Your home’s water series and passages should be improved if you find leaks or troubles when turning on your faucets or showers. Repairing these can improve your home’s value by up a great notch. Most old homes that are resold usually have lower ratings because of poor water sourcing. Try to replace pipes and patch up waterworks with superior repairs before selling your home.

2. Insulation

An insulated house works great for anybody and it is the most inexpensive and easiest improvement you could do for your home. Soundproof your AV and living room, replace your windows with sliding ones that have glazed glasses. A good insulated house ensures maximum HVAC system output during the cold weather, saving the new owners much in electricity prices and making your house more expensive.

3. Kitchen

A good kitchen is one that has enough vents to send out the smoke or at least smother it while cooking. Replace any broken tiles. You don’t actually have to spend so much for replacing your tiles with fancy looking ones; all you need is some creativity. With a few principles of kitchen design and knowledge about tile composition and material, you could even attach these items yourself.

4. Bathrooms

Having two bathrooms in your house makes it more expensive, especially if the personal quarters is located on the top floors. Two bathrooms makes it convenient especially if there are more than five people living in the house.