Whiplash claiming might be difficult today because of the plans of the government to control the number of fraudulent and exaggerated whiplash injury cases. The insurance industry had been losing £2 billion a year due to fraudulent cases and because whiplash claims are expensive to contest and have no physical medical evidence that appears instantly. Here are a few things you should consider in making your whiplash claim successful today.

1.Smartbox Technology

Improving your in-car monitoring is important to ensure that you can gain whiplash compensation from a possible whiplash injury during a car accident. The “smartbox” technology designed to measure the speed of the vehicle, detect damages to the car and a video showing the accident when it happened and after it happened can serve as viable evidence for whiplash claims.

2. New Claims Standards

The UK government is rumored to adopt the German standards for whiplash injuries and car accidents. When making a whiplash claim, consider if your speed is above 10km/h. You will also need a police report filed within 24 hours and have a medical check up by two medical professionals to see if your claim is valid.

3. Small Claims Courts

The government also plans on placing whiplash injury claims to be processed by the small claims court. This means that ignorable to minor whiplash injuries, usually injuries that effect nausea and disorientation without any life-threatening effects, may receive smaller compensation as decided by the small claims court.

4. Legal Challenges

Claimants will need to assume that the lowered costs in investigating whiplash claim cases will allow the insurance industry to inquire about questionable claims. Avoid making fraudulent or exaggerated claims. Always present evidences that support your claim, specifically your medical reports and “smartbox” evidences to ensure the success of your whiplash compensation claim.